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Images in DPLA, the Digital Public Library of America


The Digital Public Library of America launched in April 2013 with the goal of providing “open and coherent access to our society’s digitized cultural heritage.” Through the DPLA, find photographs and images digitized from prints, books, maps, and other materials in libraries, archives, museums, and government agencies across the United States. Search by topic or keyword and refine to “image,” or explore images and other content through “Exhibitions” or by Place or Date.

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Artsy – contemporary art online

November 27, 2012 Leave a comment


Artsy is a new online site for discovering (and purchasing) contemporary art. It is useful for exploring art based on style and other visual criteria, and as an introduction to art recently on show at international galleries and select museums. Artsy is powered by innovative technology, which it calls the “Art Genome Project.” From their blog: “Artsy creates new pathways for discovering art through 1211+ characteristics (we call them “genes”). Users can discover works through connections between art-historical movements, subject matter, and formal qualities, creating infinite serendipitous opportunities for discovery and learning.” Developers and backers are experienced professionals from the art and technology worlds.

Artsy does not offer images for download through the site, but the browse feature and online access to contemporary art are a notable resource for anyone interested in contemporary art. Sign up to follow artists and customize the browsing experience. More about Artsy in the New York Times.

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Pew research on online image sharing

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has released a new research report about internet users’ online image sharing, “Photos and Videos as Social Currency Online” by Lee Rainie, Joanna Brenner, Kristen Purcell.


  • 46% of internet users post original photos and videos online they have created themselves
  • 41% curate photos and videos they find on the internet and post to image-sharing sites

Among 18-29 year-olds:

  • 67% post photos they have taken themselves to any kind of website
  • 52% take images they have found online and share or repost them on sites designed for sharing images with many people
  • 27% use Instagram, 16% use Pinterest (more women than men), 11% use Tumblr

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Big Art Mob – site documenting world’s public art

Big Art Mob is a new site developed to survey and map the world’s public art. Contributors upload photos of public art (graffiti, outdoor sculpture, murals, architecture, etc), which the site overlays on google maps. Explore by location or tags.  Project of Art Public in the UK.  Sign up to contribute and share.

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downloading images from ARTstor – login now required

ARTstor now requires all users to log in before downloading images. Users must first register for an ARTstor account (from on-campus or logged in through the proxy server), then log in to ARTstor.

Instructions for registering for an ARTstor account are available here:

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visual search engines

July 18, 2011 2 comments

Do you have an image, and you’d like to find other images that look like it? Or find out where the image might have come from? Or find out more information about it? Try a visual search!

Google Images just launched a new visual search feature – just drag and drop an image file into the search box, and Google will search the web for similar images. (Try Firefox if this doesn’t work for you in IE.)


TinEye Reverse Image Search is another visual search engine.  TinEye is especially useful for finding higher resolution versions of the image you have, images that may be altered versions of your image, or to see how your image is being used on the web.

Another type of visual search engine is Multicolr Search Lab. Multicolr allows you to search Flickr Creative Commons images by color. This is the tool to use if you need images with a particular color or color combination for your project.

For more on visual search engines, see the Starting Points page of the UW Libraries’ Images Guide.

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new “Tools” page on Images Guide

Check out the new “Tools” page on the Libraries’ Images Guide.  Information and links to a variety of tools for working with images:

  • web-based image editing tools
  • web-based presentation and viewing tools
  • online image storage and sharing
  • image bookmarking

And for faculty – additional ARTstor and MDID image presentation, organization, storage, and sharing options.

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